13 Obvious Signs that Proves He Just Wants To Sleep With You

Does he consider you a friend? A girlfriend ? The woman of his life? Or just like a great sex plan? Not always easy to know. The easiest ? To ask him. But if you have a little trouble taking the plunge, some signs could put you in the ear. Then you know if you want a friends with benefits or more!

He considers you as a one night stand

It does not send you text messages until one o’clock in the morning

It has been scientifically proven: booty call always comes after 1am.

He’s disappointed when you invite him to come and watch a movie at home and actually … you really want to watch a movie

Most guys say, “Ok, that’s cool. Watching Hunger Games entirely is a good consolation prize. ” But when you firmly push his hand, he is suddenly very tired and has to go home.

You have never met his friends

The less information you have about it, the easier it is for him to stop giving you news. If you do not know who he’s spending time with, where he lives or his last name, he can easily disappear. This is called stashing!

He does everything so that you do not stay at home

He never openly asks you to leave. Of course it would prevent him from sleeping with you again … But he always has “something” planned very early the next morning.

A “thing with friends”, “something at work” or “something with his family”, just anything so you do not stay. Do you know that no family organizes a picnic at 5 am?

He always gives you ALL your belongings before you leave

Have you forgotten your bra? Your lipstick? Your bag ? A bar? If you do not remember anything at home, you will have no excuse to come back when he does not want to see you.

You never had a real date with him

Dating is for men who consider themselves boyfriends, not for those who consider themselves sexfriends.

He does not want a serious relationship

He always insists on sharing the addition of your post-sex pizza

If none of you are paying for pizza, it’s not a date. He would follow this rule even if she had to kill him.

He’s always busy when you send him personal or romantic text messages

As he is selfish and cowardly, he is inevitably unable to tell you that he considers you an ass plan. So he tries to make you understand it by not answering any of your romantic messages. By cons for sexto, it’s not the same story …

He always tries to sleep with you when you spend time together

The easiest way to tell the difference between a guy who loves sleeping with you and a guy who only LOVES sleeping with you is to dive into your memory: have you ever spent time together without having sex together?

If he is not able to stay with you for an hour without trying to sleep with you, it’s because he’s just looking for that.

All your conversations are flirts

Whenever you talk to him, the conversation is about sex. He does not even hide it anymore. Example: you send him a text message telling him that you are at the supermarket.

He answers, “Oh, are you in the supermarket now? I would love to sleep with you … at the supermarket;) ยป

He offers you to join his band of friends but does everything to return home or at home

You may think that you will finally meet his band of friends in a bar. But hardly have you arrived as you see him outside waiting for you … with his coat and condoms.

He only compliments you on your look

He loves your buttocks but not your sense of humor. You always look “sexy” but not “sublime”.

If his compliments are always, at best, superficial, and at worst, dirty, he is not particularly interested in you!

When he comes to your house, he goes straight to the bedroom

Do not expect a snack in the kitchen or spend time in the living room with this guy. He optimized his sex time by eliminating conversations.

Either you consider it as a sexfriend is all right, either, it’s time to say goodbye.