Five Specialized Dating apps Alternative to Tinder

As Vacations approaches, it may not be too late to find a soul mate through a mobile app. If Tinder site has revolutionized the genre, there are more specialized apps to find the one that suits you best. These applications are free to download but have paid options.

OkCupid: Dating App To find love

OkCupid is a dating site that guarantees to find love quickly. In fact, there are more than 4,000,000 singles registered on the platform and from the all over the world and the united states.

What’s more, the site is committed to protecting the personal data of users as well as to moderate the messages that would not have their place in order to create a suitable space dedicated to meetings.

Happn App: For local meetings

Happn app is a geolocated meeting application that favors profiles of people recently crossed in everyday life. If two profiles that have crossed each other while ignoring one another “like” each other via the application, then they can get in touch and start talking together. And maybe moreā€¦

Happn can be downloaded here from the App Store (iOS) and here on Google Play (Android).

Badoo App: For International Dating

As a reference for dating apps for singles from all sexual orientations and from anywhere in the world, Badoo App offers a simplified connection to a multitude of contacts that correspond to everyone’s preferences. A monthly subscription allows you to benefit from a multitude of practical features such as access to more cards, the possibility of sending photos by batch or blocking certain contacts.

Bristlr: For Bearded Males

This ultra-specialized application is for all those who love bearded people, from the little goat to the ZZ Top look. A single imperative therefore for men wishing to register on this site: beard. Searches are naturally done by age and geolocation.

Bristlr is free to download here on the App Store (iOS) and here on Google Play (Android).

Hater Dating App: For haters

All new and unusual, the application Hater wants to connect people who hate the same things. For that if enough to indicate for a maximum of subjects proposed in the application if you like them or downright hate them. An algorithm is then used to connect people according to their “disgusts”, but also their geolocation.

Hater can be downloaded here from the App Store (iOS). The app should be available later on Google Play (Android).